Линдсей Лохан продемонстрировала округлившийся живот

Carefree and, according to her father, pregnant Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan ‘s having fun to the fullest in Italy. Last week she was a happy bride Russian businessman Yegor Tarabarova, and today she is the future mother, which, moreover, puts at risk their Narodnoe child.

Линдсей Лохан продемонстрировала округлившийся живот
Paparazzi caught Lindsay jumping off the boat and frolicking with friends. I must say that her belly really looks like there’s already someone who lives and piece-swimsuit only enhances this. We won’t argue that Hollywood brawler really pregnant, but earlier she was seen for use of alcohol and cigarettes. If it really is at the heart of a baby, then that’s on her side – the height of irresponsibility (but we wonder whether the lack of this feature Lindsay).

Recall that the actress has split up with Egor allegedly due to the fact that he cheated on her with “Russian prostitute”, which seemed Russian fashion designer Giving Posevkina. The latter even had to make excuses on his page in the social network. The woman wrote that I had been friends with Lohan and Tarasovym. She introduced them, but since Lindsay started to behave strangely: he was insecure that she had not previously noticed, and jealous of Yegor to everyone, even to her.
Lindsay believes that Tarabasanu need to take a course of anger management, because he once choked her during a fight and “beat the crap”. Despite the fact that the couple broke up, their friends still hope that they will be together. During a quarrel, she wrote to Egor all on his page in Instagram that she is pregnant, the same information was confirmed and Michael Lohan, father of actress. But she and her representative did not comment on this information.

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