Lindsay Lohan scandal kicked out of the house

Линдси Лохан со скандалом выгнали из дома
The actress has lost a roof over my head.

Lindsay Lohan


The dark stripe in the life of Lindsay Lohan did not end.
Latest news: she was forced to leave the London house, which she
rented still with his now ex-boyfriend Egor Tarasovym.
This was reported by the British online publication Daily Mail.

Owning a mansion actress Equita company some time ago presented
the actress an ultimatum: either she would pay off her arrears of rent (in
the amount of 77 thousand pounds), or is the subject of a prosecution to recover unpaid amounts.
In response, Lindsay said that it has fulfilled its obligations, but Egor, with whom she had an agreement
co-pay, never paid what was due. And intimated that, for
the same does not have the necessary amount. What the representative of the owning
apart company said that then seek recognition of the actress’s bankruptcy through
the court…

Fortunately, before this is not reached. Lohan somehow managed
to convince homeowners that it is to repay the minimum payment, which
she was required in the first place (about 2 thousand pounds) and move out from occupied
her mansion, which she liked. What happened: recently, according to
witnesses, the actress has taken all their possessions out of the house and moved in
located next to the hotel. And as other properties in
London, where she lives the last time, she is not, she proclaimed herself “homeless”…

However, this is not the end of history: because Egor already
had to say that he did not going to pay, Lindsay will somehow
to find the money to pay the remaining debt.