Lindsay Lohan is under the protection of the “Russian mafia”

Линдсей Лохан находится под защитой «русской мафии»

Lindsay Lohan sounds like a good idea has strengthened its position among Russian-speaking fans who are willing to do anything to protect the Hollywood star from undue attention from anyone. Rumor has it that the star of “a Kiss for luck” and is associated with the Russian mafia. The grounds for such assumptions, there is more than significant.


Recently attacked by two Russian men were subjected to 24-year-old American holidaymaker in Las Vegas. As the young man told the police to his room at Excalibur in Las Vegas raided two Russian guys and started to ask questions about Lilo: why he rudely spoke to her and hurt her.

The guy tried to reassure the attackers that they are wrong and he never did not say bad about the actress, but still left without being beaten.

By the way, the acquaintance of a young man and Lil was held at the music festival Coachella in April. What’s wrong during these six months could tell the guy remains a mystery.
Recall, Lohan’s publicist has refused to work with her, referring to the obnoxious nature of the stars.