Линдси Лохан беременна!
The father of the actress confirmed that Lohan is expecting a baby from a Russian boyfriend.

Линдси Лохан беременна!

Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov

Lindsay Lohan

As told the correspondent of the site Hollywood Life Michael Lohan, his daughter Lindsay is waiting for
child. He said that he got her text, in which the actress reported that

Even though Lindsay Lohan has yet to officially
confirmed that is expecting a child from Yegor Tarabarova, a few days ago,
that same night when her boyfriend didn’t come home at night, she posted on
his page in the social network a series of messages. And one of them read:
“Lindsay’s pregnant!” Then all wondered whether it was not a good joke
whether the actress wrote this to annoy Greg, who she is terribly
angry, or is it actually “the situation”… But now, after
comment Michael Lochau, fans of the actress are inclined to believe that Lindsay, on
indeed, in the foreseeable future will become a mother.

However, while no external signs
of pregnancy she is not observed. Everyone got a great opportunity
to examine in detail the figure of the actress. The fact that immediately after the scandal in
Tarasovym, whom she accused in the attack, Lindsay hurriedly left London
and went for a drive with friends on a yacht off the coast of Sardinia — as she explained,
to recover myself.

On his page in the social network, Lohan has already expressed
regret that I could not resist and told the world about their
personal problems. “I acted under the influence of mental pain and anguish. Now I
I understand that it was a mistake!” explained Lindsay.

And while the actress is resting in
Italy, in London erupted another scandal involving Lohan. She takes
in the court of her friend, designer of Russian origin — Dasha Posevkina,
Lindsay in one of his “posts” was accused that she seduced
Tarabarova. Besides, Lohan called Dasha “prostitute”, and now a really angry girl wants revenge and is determined to ensure that Lindsay was punished

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