Lindsay Lohan is planning to expose the Russian oligarchs

Линдси Лохан планирует разоблачить российских олигархов The controversial actress is ready to compose a picture on the rich. As they say on the sidelines, star intends to use all the knowledge and experience gained in the period of the novel Egor Tarasovym. The loud breakup of a celebrity with the son of the Russian biznesmenami a few months ago discussed the whole world.
Линдси Лохан планирует разоблачить российских олигархов

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan is preparing a triumphant return to the profession. Allegedly, the actress says the script about three women of different ages living in the world of big money and gold toilets. The basis for the story is its own experience gained during the affair with the son of an oligarch Yegor Tarasovym and a visit to Moscow for participation in the program “Let them talk”. Recall, parting with the young man was very loud and discussed by the world community for several months. Apparently, the star plans to expose the wealthy men and to show the seamy side of life together with the powerful.

Guests of the Cannes film festival heard at a party Lindsay was told that soon will go back to the Russian capital to collect material. The actress claimed that she already has an agreement with Netflix, which agreed not only to take her for the lead role, but also to afford to take the Director’s chair, what surprised many secular chroniclers.

Skeptics believe that the project is destined to fly into the pipe all the previous plans of the “big return” Lindsey. She never before did not write anything and not directed, and all real and imaginary facts of life with Egor – from the false pregnancy to the statement that ex-boyfriend lives extremely generous handouts of rich dad, had long since been put to journalists.

Линдси Лохан планирует разоблачить российских олигархов

Remembering this stage of his life, in a candid interview with Andrey Malakhov for the program “Let them talk,” Lindsay noted that you were unhappy. Lindsay Lohan accused Russian boyfriend trying to kill her

“I myself gave a ring, in the end, everything is quite clear. This is a really painful time. I talked to his father about how he does nothing and she tried to support him. I’m very annoyed that everyone thinks this guy gives me to fly on private jets. No! My friends use a special application in which private flights take passengers. I use it myself and pay for these flights. We were going to move into your house, I pay another housing do not assume that all parents pay it,” said Lohan.