Lindsay Lohan is in no hurry to marry Russian

Линдси Лохан не спешит замуж за русского At the weekend the Hollywood actress gave her wedding ring. It is expected that the gift, she was awarded a Russian businessman Yegor Tarasov, with whom she meets up with the beginning of the year. However, it is unknown whether the lovers get married.

      Линдси Лохан не спешит замуж за русского

      Famous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan enjoys a romantic relationship with Russian businessman Egor Tarasovym. 29-year-old star and her 22-year-old boyfriend are already living together. Foreign tabloids circulated rumors that the couple at the weekend was a happy event: Egor did Lindsay offer hands and hearts. According to the insiders, during the visit of lovers in the guests to the parents of the American young man got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The actress happily agreed to be his wife. However, the representative of the star hunter Frederick denied this information.

      The other day Lindsay and Whitney attended the ceremony for The Annual Asian Awards held at Grosvenor House in London. According to their friends all evening attention was focused on the stellar pair. They’re passionate about something chatted and parted. In the microblog Lohan appeared in a joint photo with her boyfriend from this event. Fans wished the star happy and said that she changed after I started Dating Tarasovym. If you look closely at the frames from the ceremony, you notice that Lindsey did not hesitate to wear a dress without underwear, which, undoubtedly, delighted the paparazzi.

      22-the summer young man has long cared for the obstinate American. The couple went to Costa Rica, then went to England and skiing in the Alps of Switzerland. In her Instagram Lindsay has been sharing photos with her lover. And under one of the frames she even wrote “Love”. Pair familiar just 5 months and two weeks ago young people started to live together. According to one of a pair of friends, Whitney is the perfect boyfriend and he is very wealthy. A young man shall pay for joint trips to the restaurants and travel.

      Earlier it was reported that Yegor Tarabanov is a successful businessman. He owns a real estate Agency, Home House Estates in London and a trust Fund. His father, Dmitry Tarabanov – CEO of transportation “TRANS-Meridian”.

      By the way, Lindsay Lohan was involved in a romantic relationship with many famous beauties of Hollywood. Its representatives were Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, Zac Efron, Collin Farrell and others.

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