Линдси Лохан в образах принцесс Disney рассказала о социальных сетях

Previously, the Paper published a photo shoot and interview with Amanda bynes, which has long suffered from drug addiction. Surprising, because next in line was Lindsay Lohan, which appeared in the journal in images of Disney princesses and talked about social networks. She also told about a new show!

Special attention should be paid to the images that Lindsay embodied in the pages of the Paper. The actress appeared dressed as Snow white, Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel. Some of them turned to Frank. For example, a beautiful Snow white embodied with a very deep neckline. This whole Lohan!

Lindsay decided to complain about his reputation, which, lately, not quite white. She can’t understand why the public pays attention only on bad things. “I’d like to know why I was constantly discussed in the press. I can do 99 good things and one bad, and that it will focus. I do everything I can to become the best version of myself, and that no one notices. But I’m human. I make mistakes,” says Lohan.

In the life of the actress is now getting better. At the moment, she focused on his reality show “the Beach club Lindsay Lohan”, which will be broadcast on the popular channel MTV. “I like to have fun but that doesn’t mean I go out and get drunk. With me it’s all right, I more fun to watch other people’s parties,” she added.

Recall that before Lohan magazine cover graced Amanda bynes. In the last issue, the actress said that it all started with a simple “pampering” of marijuana at the age of 16. Soon it grew into a serious hobby, a hostage who became an actress. “Many girls took those pills then to stay thin. I remember starred in “Celibate week” and endlessly chewed them in the trailer, because we thought that they make me look better. However, I couldn’t concentrate on his dialogues, I just pay attention to how my body looks on the screen. I looked at hands that were in the foreground, and thought: they look so thick. “Oh, God, how awful I look!” — that’s all that was in my head. I sank into a deep depression that lasted about 6 months. I hated everything, I hated my appearance. I left the site, although at the time there were rumors that I was fired, but actually I just realized that I’m being unprofessional, and left them.”

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