Линдсей Лохан отрепетировала свадьбу

Hollywood star threw a white party on one of the Greek Islands.

July 2 Lindsay noted round date – 30 years. In honor of the anniversary, the actress, together with the Russian boyfriend Egor Tarasovym flew to Greece, where they threw a loud party.

And the triumph Lohan went from Hollywood scale. Egor rented for the actress chic restaurant on one of the Islands and had invited all her friends and acquaintances. And for guests there was a strict dress-code – white clothing.

First, mennica and guests were celebrating her birthday, and then rehearsed her impending wedding. They say it will happen very soon! And earlier foreign media reported that Russian boyfriend of the actress proposed to her, and the ring with an impressive stone on the ring finger star – proof.

The age difference lovers are not afraid. Yes, Yegor younger Lohan for seven years, but what kind of numbers can be when there are feelings?

Friends of Lindsay say that it is thanks to Egor actress tied with addictions. She never makes a fuss and never gets into trouble. And all because with her strong and precocious adult male.

By the way, on my 30th birthday, Lindsay for the first time really looked very happy. Finally on her street came a holiday!

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