Линдси Лохан проигнорировала свадьбу своего брата

This weekend I went to the altar, the younger brother of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, Mike Lohan Jr., but, as it became known that his famous sister didn’t honor a relative with his presence.

Sweetheart Mike is his longtime sweetheart Nina Ginsberg with which they met more than ten years before marriage. The marriage ceremony was seen by parents Lindsay and Mike big Mike and Dean. Despite the animosity that seems to never end, the former couple decided not to make a show of the wedding of the son, and behaved remarkably well. Lindsay at that time was abroad. Not so long ago she visited Greece to see how is her nightclub, which she opened last year. Why didn’t she come to the wedding of his brother – remains a mystery. Perhaps it was prevented by the jealousy, because she could be the wife of a Russian businessman Yegor Tarabarova, if a year ago they had a nasty break up.