Линдси Лохан объявила, что намерена усыновить ребенка
The actress wants to become a mother.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has surprised his fans unexpected
recognition: she said she plans to adopt a child. In his recent
an interview with 32-year-old actress said: “I never hid that I want to have
children – at least one or two. Maybe even four. But in my next
the plans did not include neither the marriage nor
pregnancy. I would like to start to adopt at least one child!”

Since then, like Lindsay, in 2016, with the scandal broke
with her Russian boyfriend Egor Tarasovym, she prefers not to have
serious relationship with men. “Now I am alone and very happy about it. I finally feel completely
an independent woman!” says Lindsay.

“Since I turned 30, my life
completely changed and I was now a different person. I understand that you need
urgent and radical changes after last summer of Tarabarov physically
attacked me on the beach. Then I realized that it was necessary to regain control of
my own life…” said Lohan.

Currently, she has, according to the actress, everything
well. She spends a lot of time in the gym. She recently, for example, opened
new method of intense training – with the use of special
apparatus, forcing muscles to contract in a certain rhythm. In addition, and in
business plan all too well. A significant part of the year it
holds now in Greece, mostly in
the island of Mykonos. And here she founded her business, which is not associated with its
former acting profession. Lindsay opened a restaurant with a bar
on Kalo Livadi Beach. But in Hollywood, as admitted Lohan
she come back does not want. In any case, for now.