Линдси Лохан снова привлекла внимание внешним видом

Линдси Лохан снова привлекла внимание внешним видом

All the attention was focused on Lindsay Lohan when she showed off her amazing figure in a pink mini-dress during a visit to his nightclub LLohan at the Playboy Club in new York on 19 October.
33-year-old Lindsay Lohan looked incredible on the night of 19 October, when she appeared in his special nightclub LLohan, which opened at the Playboy Club in new York city in a pink mini dress, sleeveless top, tight to her figure. A fashionable dress red-haired beauty had
asymmetric length at the shortest place dress almost revealing underwear stars, it was decorated with three large rhinestones on the side. In addition to his image, the beauty wore a pink high heel sandals, and also not without accessories. The star wore Hoop earrings and handbag Chanel over the shoulder. She clearly did, that looks great, so then it smiled under the spotlights of the cameras.

Recently, when actress was hosted in Australia, in an interview, she said that is not married, and added: “actually I met someone, and today we broke up” she said Kelly Sandals October 15. “And you don’t even know who he was. It
was a very interesting story, which will remain a secret.”

Although from the press hard to hide something. According to rumors, Lindsay met with crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, of course, a billionaire. In interviews, she has again and again proven that confident and quite independent. And no relation
can change that. As someone who is not afraid to Express their opinions, she’s often faced with some criticism, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let that stop her fun!

A week before announcing his breakup with the star of “mean girls” left in Flirty Instagram comment under the post about a recent single by Miley Cyrus, a former 29-year-old Liam Hemsworth. “Why couldn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!”, she wrote in
comments. The picture shows the brothers Hemsworth posed by spending time in their native Australia, but no word on whether they plan to spend time somewhere else.

Always nice to see Lindsay Lohan happy! She is a very successful business woman, so it’s easy to understand why she has so many fans, and she always knows how to twist your head its amazing beauty!

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