Lindsay Lohan found a severed finger sign

Линдси Лохан сочла оторванный палец знаком судьбы
The actress is grateful for the hint.

Lindsay Lohan


As it became
you know, Lindsay Lohan really unexpectedly responded she received recently
injury. We are talking about the incident that happened about a week ago, when the
walking on the yacht, escaped from her anchor chain torn off the actress
the upper phalanx of the finger. And not any other, namely the nameless,
which Lohan wore her engagement ring given to her Tarasovym. So the other day mom Lindsay — Dina — told how her daughter took this
story: “She told me, “Mommy, it’s a sign of fate, sent me to
stop me in case if I, in a moment of weakness suddenly want to go back
to Yegor!” This was reported online edition of Page Six.

However, in
now Lindsay is no time for romance — nor Tarasovym, or anyone else.
She’s busy healing the wounds — both mental and physical. Indeed, although, to
fortunately, she was lost part of a finger was found on the deck, and the surgeon in
the hospital, where she was immediately taken friends, did her sewing fragment
in place, the wound healing will take a lot of time. “If you only knew
how you’re hurting me!” — wrote the actress on his page in the social network soon
after the incident.

As for
psychological traumas, here the situation is not easy. It seems that the problem,
associated with the scandalous end of her novel with Tarasovym, is not
over. After all, Yegor Lohan threatened with prosecution after
as she performed on a TV show at Andrey Malakhov. Lindsay then said: she seriously feared,
that Tarasov can splash her face with acid. Yegor responded that it is not
intend to put up with the denigration of his
name internationally…