Lindsay Lohan explained why interested in Islam

Линдси Лохан объяснила, почему интересуется исламом
At the beginning of this year, popular actress Lindsay Lohan has surprised everyone by an unusual act.

Линдси Лохан объяснила, почему интересуется исламом

Star in his microblog deleted all the pictures and wrote the Muslim greeting “Salam Alaikum”.

After that, many started to believe that Lindsay converted to Islam.

In a recent interview, the actress decided to clarify the situation and revealed that the religion has not changed.

“I didn’t change the faith, but simply to study Islam. I admire Muslim culture and amazed at how committed her followers who pray five times a day is not easy. For me, these prayer – like meditation, with deep spiritual meaning: you’re disconnected from the hustle and bustle, alone with himself and God. I do spend a lot of time in Abu Dhabi, for example, and even plan to launch there clothing line, but for one night to accept Islam is impossible: it is more complicated, complex process,” said Lohan.

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