Lindsay Lohan explained the fascination with Islam

Линдси Лохан объяснила увлечение исламом Celebrity clarified the speculation of the public. Previously, some fans suspected Lindsay Lohan is that she changed her religion. The artist herself for a long time did not comment on the information that was discussed in the Network. According to star, she began to study the Muslim religion.

In January of this year, 30-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan has surprised the public with an unexpected act. The artist has deleted all the photos from “Instagram” and wrote in it the traditional Muslim greeting “Salaam Alaikum”. In this regard, many fans Lindsay decided that she changed her faith. Moreover, the star herself has previously expressed similar thoughts.

Recently, the actress gave an interview to a popular glossy publication, in which he shared his views on the Muslim religion. During the conversation with Ksenia Sobchak Lindsay Lohan explained the fascination with Islam. The actress dispelled rumors, mussirovanie in the Network.

“I didn’t change the faith, but simply to study Islam. I admire Muslim culture and amazed at how committed her followers who pray five times a day is not easy. For me, these prayer – like meditation, with deep spiritual meaning: you’re disconnected from the hustle and bustle, alone with himself and God. I do spend a lot of time in Abu Dhabi, for example, and even plan to launch there clothing line, but for one night to accept Islam is impossible: it is more complicated, complex process,” said the actress.

According to Lindsay, she is familiar with a significant number of Muslim women occupying a very high position in society. Hollywood star does not think that Islam restricts women’s freedom. “I do not see anything humiliating to wear hijab: first, it is the traditional way of life, and secondly, it’s beautiful,” said Lohan, adding that she does not choose similar clothes every day.

Note that in April of this year in mass media there were photos of Lindsay Lohan taken on the beach of Thailand’s Phuket island. Pictures of the actress posing in a burqini, provoked intense public debate.

Earlier, the actress announced their own Muslim clothing line, intrigued his many fans. In a recent interview the star said that could not yet indicate the exact date of the collection. As an actress, she’s a very responsible attitude to such projects. However, the cooperation of Lindsay Lohan with the brand of designer Emmanuel Ungaro was unsuccessful. “Frankly, it was a failure: I actually wasn’t allowed to do anything… For me it was a hard lesson, but I learned from him much good,” explained the celebrity magazine L’officiel.