Линдси Лохан мечтает о возвращении российского жениха

Mademoiselle knows a lot about PR, even if not very attractive. Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, the controversial fight which with her Russian fiancé Egor Tarasovym last week did not say just lazy, it turns out, deceiving all of us. Sources close to the celebrity claim that Lohan still Dating Greg, just now, playing the upset victim, do it secretly. As proof, they point to a ring on the ring finger, given to boyfriend-a tyrant that Lindsay is not removed until now.

Even after everything that happened Lindsay is not ready to leave Yegor. Despite the words, said in a recent interview that no woman deserves to be beat up her man, she Lohan refuses to strike Tarabarova of his life.
“It’s very sad. Lindsay does not want to listen no friends, no parents, and still hopes that he and Greg will be together,” — said the insider, and added that friends and family already suspect that the couple is seen secretly. Lindsay, who previously basked in the glory and popularity, mestet to return to its former success, even in this way.
By the way, a word about the pregnancy, as recognized herself an actress, was said specifically to Tarabanov never laid a hand on her, and she’s actually not pregnant.

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