Линдси Лохан не вернула Тарабасову кольцо стоимостью в $300 000

Controversial Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan tries to forget about the terrible relationship with Yegor Tarasovym, which ended on a very unpleasant note – in the words of the father of the actress, Hayley tried to choke his daughter because of the continuation of this novel could not be considered.

To forget a former lover Lindsay helps a new friend – millionaire Dennis Papageorgiou. The couple now enjoys holidays with new boyfriend in Greece. But Lohan have something that reminds her of her ex-lover. It’s her engagement ring, which Tarasov gave her a few weeks before the breakup.

According to a source Page Six, the parents of Yegor was so glad that his relationship with the controversial actress is over, that is not going to demand the return of wedding rings decorated with emerald. Ring cost then still in love with Lohan male approximately in 300 thousand dollars, but to resell it the actress will be able to approximately over 60 thousand.

By the way, how did you find the journalists, the family Tarasovyh can not boast huge earnings, because where Greg found this amount to the ring question. However, perhaps the financial situation Tarasovyh specifically hiding in order not to attract a lot of attention.