Lindsay Lohan congratulated the fans with the onset of Ramadan

Линдси Лохан поздравила поклонников с наступлением Рамадана

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, who recently intrigued his fans a hint of his new religion, continues to shock the audience with controversial statements, which previously never did. So, the artist greeted his fans with … the onset of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, which will last till June 25.

Линдси Лохан поздравила поклонников с наступлением Рамадана
“Happy Ramadan” wrote Lindsey on his page in the social network. As if in proof that she is now part of the Muslim world, Lohan changed his very candid style and appeared in quite modest clothes.

Recall that last year, tough and nasty Lindsay decided to change her life. Much is unknown, the study of the Koran became a consequence or reason for this sudden change of principles, but soon Lohan began to confess his love to Muslim culture and religion.
Now Lindsay, like many of her colleagues, is located in Cannes, where these days passes the Cannes film festival. In an interview, Lohan said that now busy filming a new series for Netflix – the TV show about three Russian oligarchs. It will not only be the Director, but will play a major role.