Lindsay Lohan changed the image for the new role

Линдси Лохан поменяла имидж ради новой роли

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan said goodbye to her long red locks for a new role. Your new style celebrity showed on his page on the social network by posting a photo, which, in addition to Lindsay also showed Nick frost and star of the “Harry Potter” Rupert Grint.

“Returned to filming my new TV show” wrote Lindsay.
British media reported that we are talking about a Comedy series “sick” (“Sick Note”), which aired in this autumn. However, Lindsay can be seen only in 2018.
Recall that recently, Lohan almost arrested for theft. Ex-boyfriend celebrity Russian businessman Yegor Tarabanov accused Lindsay that she stole his expensive watch, jewelry and other valuables, when she was leaving his apartment last year. He tried to contact Lohan and demanded through intermediaries, so she gave them to him, but the actress ignored his requests. Apparently, the actress felt personal things the ex-fiance their fees for the failed marriage. But Yegor had decided not to give up and appealed to the police. A few months later they unsuccessfully tried to invite the star to the police station, has not yet passed through a representative that she will be arrested.
Personal belongings that hour were returned to the owner, and Lindsay was in the police. In explanation said that neither sleep nor spirit did not know that Tarasov turned to her, alert to her never came, nobody called or wrote. Like, as soon as he learned that he was looking for her things, she immediately found them and brought them back. Another it is not necessary. Sweet honest girl.