Линдси Лохан обвинила русского бойфренда в измене
The actress hinted that she’s pregnant

Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov

Photo: Instagram.com

Fans of Lindsay Lohan shocked: on his page in Instagram
the actress said that her boyfriend Yegor Tarabanov cheated on her!

It all started with the fact that Egor went to a party, and
Lindsay, for some reason stayed at home. And, Egor, don’t tell her that
his plans just didn’t come home at night. “It happened the first time!” — admitted
upset the actress, who recently celebrated his 30th birthday.

But the story is not over. One of the girlfriends actress, invited to the
the party, sent her video that was captured, as Egor had fun
there in the company of unknown beauties. “He cheated on me with some whore!” commented on this photo shoot with Lohan.

And then added on Twitter even more shocking
recognition. “Lindsay Lohan is pregnant!” — she wrote. And attached to this
post a link to the trailer of his old movies. So all who read this
the post remained in perplexity: whether to understand the words of the actress, as an official
the message that she is waiting for Yegor’s baby? Or it was just
a joke, a memory of the movie “labor pains” (2009), where Lohan played
the main role…

In any case, that would not want to say their messages
the actress, her relationship with Tarasovym, apparently, is not the best
way. But more recently it seemed that Greg and Lindsay that
there are a little more than a year, quite happy together. However, a couple of weeks
ago in the British press (this was reported by the newspaper Daily Mail has reported
how Lohan allegedly publicly quarreled with his beloved and threw him
mobile phone into the sea. Although later, Lindsay issued a denial of this
history, in the light of recent events, there is reason to suspect that a love
history Lohan with her Russian boyfriend had serious complications.

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