Линда записывает юбилейный альбом

One of the most mysterious and mystical performers of Russian singer Linda singer is preparing to release a new album.

The singer noted that he did not know what will her tenth Studio album, but has promised not to make it similar to their previous work: “the Songs are written in a particular moment. I can say unequivocally that lived during this time very much, have a certain accumulation, to something that now is. No matter what is not going to be like, I can’t even compare with anything.

According to Linda for the last time in her life there was enough events that she will be able to tell through music: “For the last time so many events of life. And, of course, all these events are expressed through music. The best self-image of yourself and what surrounds you, is very closely connected to music. Well, at least I have so. So the new album all of these emotions.”

The title and release date of the album is unknown yet.

We will remind, in 2015, Linda released the Studio album “Pencils and Matchsticks.


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