Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

Linda Evangelista

One of the most recognizable supermodels of the 1990s Linda Evangelista a lot of times graced the covers of magazines (more precisely, more than 600 times!). For 14 years the star held the title of Queen of the catwalk, and at 53 she is still in demand, although in fashion shows participation is not accepted): in 2014, she starred in advertising campaign for makeup Dolce & Gabbana, in 2015 became the face of fragrance by Moschino, and several years ago took over as creative Director of the brand Erasa. In honor of the birthday of top model who knows about beauty all and even more SPLETNIK.RU gathered her beauty tips on caring for yourself and made a list, in which she really believes.

About Botox

I believe in Botox! And they openly say that they shoot it. My mom got mad when I admitted that doing the injection, it was in the late 90s. But I want to be honest. Many celebrities won’t tell you that they use Botox. And they say do not sit on diet and do not exercise.

Just need to know as: static mask instead of a face looks horrible. I combine injections with Thermage treatments, stimulating collagen production. What could be more worthy of striving for perfection? And, of course, sometimes my thoughts about the facelift. Supermodel does not mean superhuman. We are also aging.

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

About the biggest beauty mistake of youth

In my youth I applied baby oil and used a reflector from cardboard and aluminum foil to tan faster. Terrible nonsense!

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

And I did manicure. Early in my career, when I first came to new York, I went to the beauty salon to the Koreans, they did a cheap manicure and pedicure, but they cut the cuticles mercilessly. I didn’t know what to do.

About the beauty minimalism

It seems to me that I have less and less use decorative cosmetics. I participated in several photo shoots, and during one of them said, “do We really need so many layers of makeup?”. I have enough of moisturizing cream, a little powder and masking tools. I think that less is more. I like to see the man’s face, not a mask.

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

In my purse is actually not so much. Only a few nadovich brown shades for eyes and eyebrows. I have no problem with leaving the house without makeup. I like the Givenchy mascara and a little handy brush Diorshow New Look Dior. Do not like new mascaras, I think they got a little dry. I use a little blush, Foundation, Dolce&Gabbana, sometimes a little mineral powder, that’s all. My favorite pencils for lips is Kevyn Aucoin for’ennui, which brand produced only in one color.

Sheer makeup base Radiance Make Up Base, Dolce & Gabbana, is now leading in the list of my best beauty discoveries. She fills the skin radiance, and thanks to the SPF 30 daily protect face from the sun even in winter.

About diets

I have a child, and I’m not going to force him to be vegan, or someone else. When someone brings a pizza into the house, and it happens once a week, I can sometimes resist, but from time to time still allow myself a piece. So, in General, I’m for all natural. My diet consists of lots of vegetables. I’m not a big fan of fruit, but can eat a ton of vegetables, a ton of grain, flax, some coconut oil and avocados.

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

About hair care

I have tried so many beauty looks! I love fashion, different hairstyles and make-up, because change is fun. Even my son this summer said, “Mom, I want blue hair”. I said no, but then I thought, why not, really.

As for hair care, not so long ago I appreciated the shampoo and conditioner Signature, Oribe, and was very pleased. And styling for 11 years, using organic cream Shea Hair Cream, Hamadi Organics, for curly hair.

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

On the main beauty Board

I think the most important thing is to apply makeup is in natural light by the window. Sometimes on the street you can see women who have dermatitis caused as uneven spots on half her face. If you painted with natural light, this error can be avoided.

And still important to always use sunscreen. It really prevents skin damage. I am now 20 years forced every day to apply the SPF cream for melasma. However, I try not to use a thick sunscreen, which give an unpleasant blue-white shade.

By the way, all your beauty tools I keep in a special fridge. I installed it on average temperature, not to freeze the products.

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

About skin care

I know what works and what doesn’t. For decades I bought countless lotions and doing multistage beauty treatments. And one day I realized that time and money was wasted. Recently, I became the creative Director of the brand Erasa, which was launched in may 2015, and now I can say that the concentrate Erasa XEP-30 Extreme Line for a facelift and skin rejuvenation is something that really works. This is an alternative to Botox! The concentrate promises to not only smooth out wrinkles, but cope with melasma. It is a pathological condition or a dermatosis characterized by the primary hyperpigmentation of the skin. Believe me, I know what it is! The main component of the tool is a patented neuropeptide that mimics the paralyzing effect of the venom of Australian snails.

Линде Евангелисте — 54! Чему нам стоит поучиться у королевы подиума

Remember how in my youth my mom got me the three-tiered system of care Clinique. I’m lucky to have skin in adolescence: I could only pop one pimple on my chin and all. I didn’t think in the future I will have so many skin problems. Now I have sensitive skin, melasma, rosacea and eczema on the hands.


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