Лили-Роуз Депп о борьбе с анорексией: «Я очень долго пыталась поправиться» The model is difficult to accept his appearance. In an interview to French glossy edition of the daughter of the famous actor admitted, as tries to recover from a serious illness. According to Lily-rose, she has achieved considerable success in this business.


The daughter of famous actor johnny Depp, a 17-year-old Lily-rose works as a model. The girl took part in the fashion shows of fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld. However, according to the girl, working in the fashion industry is not easy. It constantly accused of excessive thinness. In the microblog Lily-rose users often call a girl anorexic.

In an interview with the French media heiress movie stars openly talked about their problem. “I am very worried about what people say about my anorexia. I spent a lot of effort to beat his illness. I encountered it when I was little, I was difficult to fight. Everyone who has ever experienced this affliction, you know me. They know how difficult it is to return to a normal life after anorexia. All my conscious life I’m trying to overcome the disease and are very proud of the results already achieved,” – said the model.

According to Lily-rose, she doesn’t want to show his true colors on social networks. The image that users see microblogging, did not reflect the personality of the girl. “What people see in my “Instagram” might create the impression that they know me very well, but it’s not,” explained the girl. Like her famous parents, she tries to protect their privacy from prying eyes.

“For a long period of time, I’m trying to get better, I am very proud of their achievements”, – said Lily-rose.

The daughter of Vanessa Paradis and johnny Depp admitted that at times her thinness even being discussed by journalists with her parents. “Mom said she is constantly asking about me in an interview. But recently it was the opposite. Parents as long as possible he tried to protect me from the media attention and didn’t take me neither premiere, nor any other secular celebration,” shared the model.

Lily-rose has starred in a photo shoot by Karl Lagerfeld and was cast in the film “Planetarium” Rebecca Zlotowski, where it starred Natalie Portman, Louis Garrel, Emmanuelle Salinger and many others. Fantasy-drama will be released in Russian theaters in December of this year.