Lily Allen turned away from the social networks after angry user reviews for

Лили Аллен отвернулась от соцсетей после злых комментариев пользователей

Netizens somehow a very negative attitude towards singer Lily Allen. Instead enjoy its success or maintain it in difficult times, followers of the singer will not miss the opportunity to blame and hurt more painfully.

Another reason to do this was the statement of Lily on the topic of immigration and racism against Muslims, who continue to flee to Europe. Not long ago, Allen met with a refugee teenager in a camp in France. Lily hugged the guy and gave vent to his emotions, burst into tears in front of everyone. At this, Lily said that Europe is to blame for his suffering. Such rudeness people decided not to tolerate and put the star in place, stating that the people of Europe are not to blame. More categorically minded users noted that instead of pouring crocodile tears, Allen could donate a million or two for the improvement of the lives of refugees.

Of course, skip these words by Lily couldn’t and said she has a right to their opinion, even despite the fact that suffers from bipolar disorder, postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Recall these diagnoses escalated Lily in 2010, when the light was supposed to be her child. Because of the early birth and subsequent complications, the baby was born dead. It was a huge stress for the singer, but an even greater shock was her criticism in social networks, where users wrote that Allen herself is to blame for the death of a child, as often took illegal drugs.

“I was in the hospital with my dead son who was stuck between my legs halfway through, for 10 hours,” wrote singer. “Maybe if you didn’t consume drugs in such quantities that you wouldn’t have had miscarriages?” — showered with comments. “I didn’t have a miscarriage, replied Lily. — It was a premature birth, and the son died due to the fact that his neck wrapped around the umbilical cord. Yes, I have mental problems. I suffered from bipolar disorder, postpartum depression and PTSD, but this should not make you doubt my story!”