Как сестры: Риз Уизерспун поделилась новым фото со своей старшей дочерью Авой

Как сестры: Риз Уизерспун поделилась новым фото со своей старшей дочерью Авой

43-year-old American actress Reese Witherspoon has always been very close with his three children, so very often in social network Instagram she posts pictures. Recently, the actress shared another photo on his page where she is posing with her 20 year old daughter Ava. Wedding, mother and daughter are dressed in black dresses, and lips bear the same bright red lipstick.

Reece signed photo very succinctly: “Party girl my beloved daughter. Well… with my only daughter, but still.”

After seeing the photo the fans of the actress are unable to refrain from commenting, noting that the ABA every year becomes more and more like her famous mother. The similarities in appearance of Reese and ava surprised not only subscribers, but also colleagues Witherspoon. For example Charlize Theron and Zoe Kravitz also noticed an amazing coincidence. Kravitz, in his message called them “amazing twins”. Followers supported Zoe, noting not only the similarities in appearance, but the fact that Reese doesn’t look his 43 years.

By the way, some members noticed that Ava at the same time similar to mother and to father Philip Ryan. Reese has been married to a man 9 years, the couple has one baby together — 16-year-old deacon. After the parents divorced, the children themselves made the decision to stay and live with my mom, but they see each other very often with his father. Ryan and Reese have a very good friendship, so the children are drawn to the parents with the same love. Besides Ava and Ryan always called each other friends, because they are close enough, they have the same style in clothes and they listen to similar music.

Two years after her divorce from Philippe, Reese remarried Jim Toth. The man is an agent in the selection of talent for different shows and TV series. Married to Thoth Witherspoon gave birth to another son, who was named Tennessee. This year the boy was 7 years old.

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