Like Meghan Markle affects of Prince Harry?

Как Меган Маркл влияет на принца Гарри?

The biographer of Princess Diana Andrew Morton, who wrote the book “Megan: Hollywood Princess”, believes that Megan is significantly different from the ex-girlfriends of Prince and have a positive influence on him. According to Morton, Chelsea Davy and Cressida Bonas could not withstand the increased attention of the press and society, and the American actress, who refused a career, feels confident on Royal events and enjoying the glory.

Как Меган Маркл влияет на принца Гарри?

“She’s strong and confident woman who has their own opinion. It’s like Harry. I don’t think he was ever going to marry a girl of aristocratic circles. From childhood he was cocky. Megan’s confidence in himself made him even more confident. They operate in tandem, which is clearly seen during their official travel. Harry had never looked so relaxed and at ease, like next to his bride now,” said the writer.

The opinion of the writer divides even the Queen of Britain. “Sources with whom I spoke, said she had a feeling that Megan will play a positive role in the life of Prince Harry, that she will make him very happy and will always support him”, — said the author of “Harry: the life, loss and love” Kate Nicole.

The Queen was so pleased with the bride of a grandson that she did not even against the changes resorted to in time of preparing for the wedding of Megan and Harry. They go against the traditions, and the grandmother do not mind. “Her youngest grandson has always had a special connection. She is thrilled that he is finally getting married. She told the pair: “It’s your wedding, your day. Plan it how you want,” added Nicole.

Prior to the publication of this information, early Queen gave consent to the wedding of his grandson and former actress. Buckingham Palace has presented an official report to Her Majesty, in which she gives agreement to the marriage of his grandson and the stars of the series “Force majeure”, “I consent to the marriage of his most beloved grandson Prince Harry Charles albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle. This agreement shall be subject to the Great Seal and entered in the records of the Privy Council,” — said the Queen in her message that she sent to the Privy Council. A similar statement Elizabeth II did, and before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

Megan immediately charmed the grandmother of the elect. Perhaps Elizabeth took a liking to beloved grandson also due to the fact that her dog Corgi loved Markle. Such sympathy they have shown even to the very Prince Harry. “Corgi immediately took her! To me they were barking all these 33 years, but when Megan goes — silence,” — laughingly told Harry.

In addition to the likes of Queen, Megan was named the most beautiful in the Royal family. Dr. Julian De Silva, working in the centre of cosmetic and plastic surgery in London, has compared the appearance of the representatives of the British Royal family, including the future wife of Prince Harry, Megan Markle, and said that the 36-year-old actress can recognize the most beautiful.