Like Kim Kardashian by using the chest leads the battle for their fans

Как Ким Кардашьян с помощью груди ведет битву за своих поклонников
After the scandal with incriminating photos, the reality star is desperately trying to prove that, if not priest, then her Breasts are real.

Kim Kardashian


The reality star and Queen of social media Kim Kardashian is desperately trying to return hundreds of their fans who had turned away from her and her blog after the emergence in April of the scandalous photos. They depicted Kim in a swimsuit and without photoshop! And see her huge ass is all cellulite protuberances! And fans immediately accused her of cheating, moreover, plastic surgeons have confirmed that such a terrible view of the more illustrious buttocks could appear only because they constantly inject special fillers.

But “the fifth point” Kardashian is one of her two main assets. The second “treasure” reputed to be the bust of Kim, and she says that she is genuine. But since she now can’t believe she decided to rapidly lose weight and prove to everyone that her butt is in fine form. But why, then, dropping the weight, her Breasts are still the same lush? The answer is obvious, the only — Kim regularly injected her with fillers, the same fillers for the correction. But these fillers are not, according to doctors, to inject more than once a year! And this is what Kardashian.

Thus, it can break out a new scandal. When despite the efforts of the stars to justify it, it will again be accused of deception. And then she could lose hundreds of fans still celebrating its famous shape.