Как Джулия Робертс давала автографы в общественной уборной

Actress Julia Roberts gained notoriety starring in the film “Pretty woman”! Thought so to this day, many fans of the actress, but Roberts told myself that to find it started a little earlier. The film was released in 1990, and the first popularity she received in 1988. First autographs of Julia was handing out in a public toilet!

It all started with the romantic Comedy “Mystic pizza” in 1988, in which Julia Roberts played a major role. By the way, her colleague on the set then was a young Matt Damon, which is lit up in some funny scenes. “I was in a public toilet, and there was a woman. She said, “Hey, the girl in the first booth, you were in “Mystic pizza”? And then she slipped something under the door and asked for an autograph,” said Roberts during the podcast, The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter.

We will remind, on the eve of the 51st birthday of Julia Roberts graced the cover of the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Interviews with the stars take Oprah Winfrey, who asked about fears, gossip and much more.

“I’m afraid of heights, and it’s very funny because my dad was afraid of heights. For me it was one of the defining personality traits. That is, I can say that writing with your left hand and afraid of heights. Seven years ago I was invited to hike in the mountains. But the word is, of course, is not reflected and a drop that had to be done. I was scared, I didn’t understand, if I can walk, I’m afraid of heights. And at some point a thought came to me, and whether I’m still afraid of heights? Because I haven’t put myself in the conditions in which to test your fear. In the end, I decided on a hike. Well, I can say, I’m still afraid of heights and this is unlikely to ever take place. It was seven or eight of the most terrible hours of my life.”

Julia not only height, but also rumors. “Sometimes, my family and I go shopping and not know where came the log with a “convicting” me on the cover. And here we stand with children and husband and such, “Oh, this is embarrassing”. I still hurt of gossip and yellow headlines, especially about the fact that I left the wife or are we on the verge of divorce because I am very proud of my marriage. This summer we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary”.

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