The widow is already looking for a suitable place.

Pierre Narcisse's ex-wife Valeria Kalacheva said that a monument to the artist would be erected in Moscow. For what such great merits – it is not clear. However, the widow is determined.

“Pierre was the kind of person who united peoples and different nationalities with his broad smile: Georgians, Abkhazians, Chechens, Russians, Kazakhs. How many people he reconciled, how many children were born thanks to Pierre. He is a man who deserves to have a monument in Moscow,” Kalacheva assures. “Like Che Guevara”: A stylish monument to Pierre Narcisse can be installed in the center of Moscow” />

Moreover, sponsors have already been found who are ready to spend money on the manufacture and installation of the monument. Here only with a location there was a small hitch. Valeria wants either near Moscow State University (Lomonosov Moscow State University) or near RUDN University (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia).

Why there? So after all, at Moscow State University, a participant in the “Star Factory” studied at the Faculty of Journalism and, undoubtedly, is its most famous and successful graduate. Politkovskaya, Listyev, Savvina, Rozovsky, Mamontov and others could nervously smoke on the sidelines. True, Lomonosov has been standing next to the Faculty of Journalism for a long time, but maybe the “chocolate hare” can be attached somewhere on the side. As for RUDN, the singer studied there and even played in their KVN team.

But if you still fail to agree with the rectors of the most prestigious universities in the capital, Kalacheva also has fallback options.< br /> Read more: 1 2 next. →

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