«Как девчонка»: Дмитрия Шепелева раскритиковали за длинные волосы сына After the death of Jeanne Friske broadcaster one son. In addition, Shepelev does not give parents the singer to meet the son. At a recent photo taken in Florence, members noted that because of the long hair Plato became like a girl.

Five-year-old Plato literally from birth, became a bone of contention between the parents, Zhanna Friske and its civil spouse. After the death of the singer, none of the relatives of the boy was not able to find a compromise, and now the child resides with the father, not being able to see grandmother, grandfather and aunt.

Now Dmitry Shepelev travels with his son in Italy. 35-year-old TV presenter had always tried not to publicize the details of his personal life, and that the person of the son prefers to hide from fans. The recent picture published in the microblog artist, Plato stands with his back to the camera, looking at the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Seemingly innocent frame in an instant became the subject of caustic comment, the reason for which is excessively long hair of the boy, collected in a small ponytail on top.

“What is the girl around? Ugly,” “even a child would be a boy and not a girl will be like”, “make the child a normal haircut” – do not hesitate have expressed outrage subscribers, sometimes not disdaining even offensive words to the little Plato.

Always kind and helpful Jeanne even couldn’t imagine that after her death the native people will start a real war with each other. About the disease she became known in January 2014, then Friske for more than six months was fighting cancer. Almost immediately after his birth the doctors diagnosed her terrible diagnosis – an inoperable brain tumor. And even then, it seemed that there is no chance.

Only a little boy inspired her cherished hope for a recovery and a crazy desire to live – that it has extended the days of the singer for another two years, which have become so invaluable to her, and for Plato.

Now the education of the heir to the fully engaged father. And recently, Dmitry Shepelev admitted that she dreams about her daughter. According to the presenter, before he wanted a boy, but now would be glad to hear in the house and ringing girlish laughter.