Lika star has publicly tried to humiliate Glyuk oZу

Лика Стар попыталась публично унизить Глюк'oZу The singer was unable to restrain his emotions and spoke about the dress, which flashed Glyuk’oza at the Tatler ball. The artist was outraged by such a blatant way. She stated that her peers went beyond the limits, why put themselves in an awkward position and is the subject of discussion.

      On his page in the social network Face Old decided to support the resulting protest against the outfits Glyuk’oza. First their outrage was expressed by PR specialist Irina Bartnovskaya, who works with stars. In his account on “Facebook” she put up photos of Natasha Ionova and Svetlana Kuznetsova. They both managed to walk on past svestka event. According to Kuznetsova, these images will not be tolerated in any way, especially when we are talking about the ball. Outfit of the singer angered her especially hard.

      Singer Lika Starr has decided not to stand aside and commented on the post Irina. She stated that she always had a positive otnosilas to the performer, but for many years she watches as the actively laid bare. The star of the 90s did not hide that she was impressed by the figure Glyuk’oza, she noted the feminine forms of the artist, but stressed that this is not permissible when it iedt, married woman, raising two children.

      Glyuk’oza came to the meeting with Steven Seagal without underwear

      “Honestly, I’ve been watching more and more exposed body Glyuk’oza. Sure, it’s fine. But murky doubt come to me on the subject of why a married, accomplished woman to expose herself publicly like that constantly? It is clear that the husband clearly is happy or inserts, otherwise I can’t explain it, but still – why? She’s a singer, not Cicolina,” wrote Lika star in “Facebook”.

      Translucent outfit Glyuk’oza brought the Ranks of the Old idea that the artist doesn’t know how else to Express themselves and force the public to pay attention. In her opinion, this kind of “fetish”. She even suggested that the images of the stars are nothing but a business concept that is bearing fruit. Some subscribers Old oznakomivshis with accusatory comments about colleagues, decided to remind her that once she herself had sinned revealing outfits, which are clearly etched in the memory of fans.

      Glyuk’oza: “vacation my husband and I took the nurse costume”

      The face, according to followers, do not criticize other stars, and it is better to pay attention to your own career. There were those who even thought that Lika Old only jealous Glyuk oZе, because that was quite a happy life. It should be noted that the cause of a fierce dispute has not commented on the accusations. Probably celebrity have become accustomed to negative opinions, because the appearance in a Frank and often visausa outfits have become their calling card of a star at any event.