Light star: pupils of Irina Viner told how she educates Champions

Зажигай звезды: ученики Ирины Винер рассказали, как она воспитывает чемпионов Psychologist, second mother, the doctor – student Irina Viner told what she’s like outside a gym. Today, the famous gymnastics coach celebrates its anniversary. Laysan utiasheva, Amina Zaripova, Evgenia Kanaeva and Margarita Mamun remember in what situations they were rescued by the teacher.
Зажигай звезды: ученики Ирины Винер рассказали, как она воспитывает чемпионов

Irina Viner is a happy woman, raised a son, got married to businessman Alisher Usmanov, has made a career in the sport – with its name are connected the victories of the national team of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics. The carpet isn’t too long pupils, if necessary, and can ear a good pull. But in everyday life girls for Irina Alexandrovna – children. July 30, honored coach will celebrate the 70th anniversary! In honor of this event the champion has shared with “StarHit” the role of Viner plays in their lives.

More precious than gold

Laysan utiasheva had studied under Wiener at the age of seventeen years. In my career the athlete won many victories, but the cherished Olympic podium and got. All because of the trauma during the performance, she landed badly and hurt my foot. The coach wanted to bring Rosie on the carpet, so I paid for expensive surgery and rehabilitation. Later Utyasheva a tragedy occurred – my mother died. To cope with the grief once again managed through the support of Wiener. After surviving together for so many misfortunes, she has really become family. The first of the birth of Robert and Sophia, of course, found out husband Paul Will and Laysan then dialed Irina Alexandrovna.

Зажигай звезды: ученики Ирины Винер рассказали, как она воспитывает чемпионов“Once Irina told me such a thing: “do Not murmur, and rejoice each day! Remember, you have to stay cool head and a warm heart!” This is incredibly valuable advice that helps in life. She is my teacher, friend, psychologist and mother, – shares with “StarHit” the athlete. – Hard two sentences to formulate the idea of such a great woman. It’s a one – man book, or rather novel. Always speaks clearly, stating the requirements in accessible language and to the point. But there are crazy tenderness and insight. No idea how much I love, appreciate and respect…”


Зажигай звезды: ученики Ирины Винер рассказали, как она воспитывает чемпионов

In his twenty-two years, Margarita Mamun, which is called the Bengal tiger, has the title of many of its rivals can only dream of, and in 2016 the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro she won the gold medal. Last fall, a gymnast is married to swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov, and unfortunately an army of thousands of her fans, has a career in professional sport.

“I became the one I am, first and foremost thanks to the efforts of Irina, – said the gymnast. – She taught me perseverance, patience, learn to overcome difficulties, not to collapse halfway. Her guidance, even the most seemingly insignificant, much help now. Once Irina was asked why frown. Explained that emotions are digested and leave inside, including positive. She said, “the Girls kind of expression is not. You should be able to smile to the world.” I started to learn, the coach was forced to practice facial expressions in front of a mirror. And after a long training, I became more relaxed”.


Зажигай звезды: ученики Ирины Винер рассказали, как она воспитывает чемпионов

Amina Zaripova moved to Moscow from his native Uzbekistan and went to Wiener, which made her a six-time world champion. “Irina laid in me the basic concepts, – said Zaripov. – Explaining how to achieve your goals, what is justice, friendship, pride, family, femininity, and so on. I lived with her for eleven years, was on her security. Coach bought me everything from socks and finishing with hair elastics. I remember once went to the training camps abroad. On the way there I caught a terrible virus: had the fever under forty, I was shivering, could not even to raise his hand, did not have enough forces.

Wiener took care of the medication that was supposed to help a little bit to bring the fever down, and then climbed under the covers with me and hugged me, cooling my body. Seeing his parents was very rare, so confidently called Irina Alexandrovna second mother… She married me was given, and in the hospital, visited all three times that I visited there. Memories galore! Can several hours to tell.”


About Evgenia Kanaeva Wiener said: “As a gymnast, she made herself”. Thanks to the hard work the athlete has twice received the highest award of the Olympic games in 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London. “When you’re wearing such an enormous responsibility as Irina Alexandrovna, you are obliged to make difficult decisions in seconds, we must be steadfast, says “StarHit” Kanaeva. – This is a huge stress! But deep inside her, I’m sure, I want to be a woman loved and desired.

She raised a lot of winners, each dear to her – after his sports career, do not leave. With it you can share any problem and it will help to solve it. Irina, please know you always have support in the face of our huge and happy family!”