Life’s challenges Konstantin Khabensky: the death of his wife and the struggle for happiness

Жизненные испытания Константина Хабенского: смерть жены и борьба за счастье Now the actor has been married twice and has two children. The eldest son from first wife Ivan lives in Spain with her grandmother. Keira Knightley tries as often as possible to visit the child.
Жизненные испытания Константина Хабенского: смерть жены и борьба за счастье

Today, the famous actor Konstantin Habenskogo turns 46 years. It is one of the most popular artists in the Russian cinema. Behind him shooting in such major projects as the “killing power”, two “patrols”, “the Collector”, “first Time”…

Despite active work in film and theater, he devotes much time to his charitable Foundation that helps children suffering from cancer. This idea came to him after the death of his wife – journalist Anastasia Smirnova.

The couple lived together for eight years – from 2000 to 2008. When the journalist was diagnosed, she went for treatment in the United States. However, doctors in Los Angeles are unable to save a young woman from a brain tumor. At the time of death she was only 33 years old. The couple grew up the son of Ivan. After retiring from the life of the mother year-old boy went to live with her grandmother, the former mother-in-law of Constantine Inna Glebovna. The child moved to Barcelona, where he now attends school. Keira Knightley often flies to her son in Barcelona. PHOTO

Жизненные испытания Константина Хабенского: смерть жены и борьба за счастье

Itself Habensky regularly visits the child, but did not intend to transport him to Moscow. The son of actor feels abroad with their grandmother.

Despite the fact that a native child of Constantine is growing away from him, the actor tries to help children who find themselves in difficult life situations. He organized a drama Studio, all collected funds to pay for treatment of kids.

Five years later after a personal tragedy, the actor married a second time. His choice was actress Olga Litvinova. In 2016, the year the couple had a daughter Alexandra. Friends of the artist insisted that Constantine was very worried, as the son will receive a little sister. However, the boy was happy with the event in his life and with pleasure took in hands baby. Konstantin Khabensky became a father

“Knightley said to me, say, fear only one thing – that I take away his childhood. But he noted, saying that the steep education will give the son a chance to be smarter and better than me. Vanya also knows he has to study well. He told my dad that he would do either in Oxford or in Harvard. The actor joked: say, another year to live freely spending money, and then will save for a new son to educate,” said a friend of the actor.

Constantine is among those actors who prefer to keep their personal lives and to speak less about the family. “Generally people who don’t know me, it may seem that I’m all the time depressed. I don’t have things that suddenly would raise my spirits. Or, shall we say, not things like color or music… If I’m in a bad mood — it will be bad. But I will try to fix it and even in this state to do your job a hundred percent”, – confessed the actor.

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