Жизнь развела двух сестер Эшли и Мэри-Кейт Олсен

Жизнь развела двух сестер Эшли и Мэри-Кейт Олсен

For the two girls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, too, nothing is impossible! They starred in
the first year of life. These are the most famous sisters who made
a brilliant career of 30 years.

Four times he earned the award “Young actor” and
earned on the set of his films more than $ 400 million for two, but the girls suddenly
decide what they prefer more – the world of fashion, and go with the big stage. Disappointment
fans there were no borders, they won’t see it on the screens! But the actress is now ready
to sign multimillion-dollar contracts with Hollywood, but the role of designers.

“It was a wonderful experience, we were very lucky! But we grow up and want to decide for themselves what
still want to do in life!”, said sister. Famous sister said that not only
business ambitions made a career change and get out of the frame. Mary-Kate did
plastic surgery and now, according to fans, irrevocably ruined its former beauty.

But the personal life of this act has not prevented! The star married the brother of the ex-
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and satisfied with their family life.

But her sister is still not married, after some health complications she
went to the doctors. After a full examination she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It is a long time and
heavily treated to get a critical state.

Now the health of the girl greatly improved and she is trying not to focus on the health and

enjoys life, goes to the gym and doing charity work.

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