Life in the Playboy mansion with memories of Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson

Жизнь в особняке Playboy с воспоминаний Холли Мэддисон и Кендра Уилкинсон

American actress and model Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson said about her life in the Playboy mansion. They were clearly not happy with the star of life with the founder of the popular magazine.

Жизнь в особняке Playboy с воспоминаний Холли Мэддисон и Кендра Уилкинсон

“It was a real meal,” said Maddison edition of People about their seven years of living in the mansion like Playboy Bunny with an ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner. “I tried to seem all happy, but inside I was miserable.”


Despite the fact that girls are no longer a Playboy and bunnies don’t live in a mansion, they both told me about their experience. In 2015 Holly Madison even wrote a memoir entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole: the Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny”, where the details describe your life as a rabbit.

In an interview with the girl revealed many interesting details about his life and the life of the deceased Hugh Hefner, who recently died of natural causes in their native range. Girls were not enthusiastic about the sexual responsibilities while living in the mansion with Hefner, so it is not strange that not one of his chosen ones he bequeathed at least a small part of his fortune.

Жизнь в особняке Playboy с воспоминаний Холли Мэддисон и Кендра Уилкинсон

“Vicky (one of the girls Hefner) tried to bring into the bedroom Hefner as much as possible girlfriends. I can guess why: because the more of hue options, the less likely it is that she will have to perform duty.” says Holly. The girl thought that Vika had their reasons to bring new girls in his bed. She believed that if she got in the bed with Hefner, and others have, therefore, tried to lead as much as possible. Kendra admitted that to survive the night with the owner of the mansion, she had to “get high and get drunk”.

Former Playboy bunnies also told about the show, in which they had to participate. They were always in the background as “scenery”, while Hefner was in the spotlight. Special growth girl had not, after all, they have always been beautiful girls to decorate the cake, which was Hugh.

Holly admitted that it is better with the owner of the house not to debate, because he knew how to humiliate the girls and make them regret what was said. “I put every piece in this house and in the end nothing left to wait for me behind those gates. I felt like a prisoner and so vulnerable to his criticism.” But the opinions of her friends went, because Kendra had seen in Hefner a true gentleman. “Looking into his eyes, I saw the man four times older and I have a lot more girls than anyone else. I saw the sweet man who raised my self-esteem — a true gentleman. It was strange, but deep in heart, he was the one who I can really trust.” says Kendra.

Hefner did not skimp on the insults of girls that would once again show them their low status. The house was “toxic” atmosphere that rabbits could barely stand. Holly admitted that being a girl is number 1 from Hefner, she received lots of gifts and attention from other women. They all wanted to be the first girl Hugh to get a place of honor near the king.

We will remind that on September 27 he died the founder of the popular Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. He died of natural causes in the circle of their loved ones.