Life in pink: trend of autumn Buzova and Vodonaevoy

Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой Celebrities are in no hurry to abandon the bright colors. Alain Vodonaeva bought autumn outfits pastel shades, and Olga Buzova took out from the wardrobe favorite trench coat.
Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

The color pink, once considered the hue of Barbie and matinees in kindergarten, quietly began again to win the love of fashionistas a few years ago. Soft, gentle and at the same time glamorous shade will allow you to stand out from the gray crowd. Things such range it is easy to combine with other wardrobe items. Last winter, many ladies bought fur coats powder shade, which, despite its soiled, refreshed any way. In the spring and summer on the shelves lay a pink slip-dress, and with the advent of autumn, they added velvet loafers and boots in this shade. Despite the approaching cold, ladies are not in a hurry to abandon such things. It is known that this soft shade helps to look three to five years younger. It is not surprising that the stars are very fond of trend and filled the closets with coats, coats and jackets pink colors.


Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

In the wardrobe of a beauty blogger and TV presenter always dominated by pastel colors. Nature has given Victoria a great figure, so almost any clothes sitting on it perfectly. Bonya looks spectacular even in the white dress large knitted sweater, which in most cases adds extra pounds. Victoria is a real fan of pink. Just a few months ago she decided on a bold experiment: she dyed her hair the fashionable hue. Fans of the TV presenter has split into two camps: one loved, the other said she didn’t have to take such a step, not suitable for age. But anyway, Victoria looks non-trivial, so feel free to wears pink clothes and accessories.

Alena Vodonaeva

Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

The TV presenter is not afraid of bright colors and wearing clothes all shades of the rainbow, which successfully combines with the original accessories. Recently, the attention of Alena attract flying fitted dresses pink shades. Perhaps this is due to the fact that not so long ago Vodonaeva changed a light chocolate shade of hair to jet-black. Besides, the star felt like a girl, because next came a strong male shoulder. In early September Vodonaeva married Alexei Komov, a popular DJ.

Olga Buzova

Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

Olga successfully picks the outfits in accordance with the requirements of the dress code of an event. On the Red carpet, the aspiring singer appears in feminine dresses in the floor, and the rest prefer ripped denim shorts and t-shirts. Buzova is a permanent move, it is not surprising that one of her favorite garments are jeans. The star manages to look sexy even on a plane. The secret is simple: Olga combines even incompatible. During a trip to Los Angeles she went on a date with a fan. To meet the TV star chose short shorts and oversized denim jacket warm pink color.


Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

Some blondes I’m afraid that will look good in pink like a Barbie or Peppa pig. But the former participant “Houses 2” Daria Pynzar boldly wears clothes of all shades, from Malinovo until powdery. Blouses, all kinds of dresses with frill and bodycon tops occupy a place of honor on the shelves of her wardrobe. A mother of two children convinced that pink is the color of the real princesses. And looking at Dasha, can’t argue with that. Her image is always airy and light.

Anna Kalashnikova

Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

A young woman has admitted, that likes things original design and cut. Since Anna is the owner of a light skin, they give things a light pink hue. Kalashnikov prefers to wear dresses made of translucent tissue, as well as suits. It is not surprising that such sets represented in her own shop.

Ksenia Borodina

Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

A mother of two children trying to get dressed but reserved, and always looks elegant. Recently, fans flooded the presenter questions after she posted a photo in soft pink relivance. In combination with white hem, the look is very stylish. In the collection that produces myself Borodin, you can find kits powdery hue, decorated with lace or ruffles.

Ksenia Sobchak

Жизнь в розовом цвете: тренд осени Бузовой и Водонаевой

TV presenter does not hide his passion for fashion trends. Xenia prefers oversized clothes, buying things both European and domestic designers. Recently, Sobchak appeared at the event in a linen coats purple-pink color. By the way, light coats made of natural fabrics, easy to wear in stretch of Indian summer.


The presenter well versed in trends. Star knows what suits her and successfully plays with color. Rose takes pride of place in her wardrobe. Ermolaeva prefer casual style, but, putting things in pastel tones, turns into a real Princess.