Либерж Кпадону восстановит девственность на полтора года Eks-the participant “Houses-2” will go under the surgeon’s knife next week. Liberi Kadono decided to go for an operation to prove she’s not an easy girl. She hopes to find a worthy man with whom will begin life literally with a clean slate.

      Либерж Кпадону восстановит девственность на полтора года

      According to the star, she decided on a hymenoplasty on the advice of the psychologist Paul Rakov. It turns out that Liberg been visiting the doctor examines a variety of life’s problems. The former participant “Houses-2” believes that a divorce with Evgeny Rudnev was a shame for her entire family. Now Kadono came to think about how to regain your virginity. Liberi plans to have surgery next week. Intimate plastic surgery costs from 11 thousand roubles and lasts approximately two hours.

      “After the divorce, I was nobody a year and a half, – admitted “StarHit” 29-year-old Kadono. – Because of the turmoil in his personal life even had to seek help from a psychologist. Paul Rakov told me to restore my virginity. The fact that many consider me readily available, but it is not. And I want to prove it. I have no one and a half years, and I plan to remain a virgin after the operation still the same. Sure I can find a decent man. In addition, it will serve as an example for those girls who have been thinking about it, but is too shy or afraid for some reason”.

      Before going on this step of the ex-participant of the project “Dom-2” read a huge amount of literature, and not once consulted with doctors. A plastic surgeon that will turn Liberi the girl will be known in the world of show business Hayk Babayan. According to the doctor, hymenoplasty in recent time is gaining popularity.

      “I offered to restore Liberi hymen so she is once again able to feel like a woman in full, – said the “StarHit” psychologist Paul Rakov. – After a failed marriage or childbirth in women sometimes have psychological problems in dealing with men, and this operation is the best way out of this condition. I am sure that Liberg this measure will help.”

      If the business Kadono more or less succeeded – she handles the promotion of its own brand jewelry, in the privacy of the stars lull. Liberg not once complained about his psychological state after the breakup with her husband. For example, she even lost twenty pounds.

      “Help to cope with the hardships of the simple technique – I shouted your negative emotions – shared the star of “House-2″. – What did I do to calm down? Do not believe it… When everybody were doing their thing, and Rudnev with someone slept, got a taxi, checked out, asked the driver to stop in the woods, somewhere in the area of the fields, were walking along the trail in depth and just scream for about five minutes… Then sat in the car and asked him to take me back. The driver, of course, was in shock. Then I asked why I returned from the store without shopping”.