Liberi Kadono hinted at a quick wedding

Либерж Кпадону намекнула на скорую свадьбу The girl made it clear that she will have a fitting of the wedding dress. It is not excluded that this is due, primarily, with a new photoshoot stars of the reality show. However, these assumptions are fans of the girl herself does not confirm, while maintaining the intrigue.

      Либерж Кпадону намекнула на скорую свадьбу

      After a hard parting with Evgeny Rudnev Liberi Kadono stopped to share with the public the details of his personal life. In 2015, the star of “House-2” badly burned – her marriage has ended with loud scandal. Only now, after almost two years, she can afford to dream again about love. In confirmation of this Liberi intrigued fans shot in a wedding dress.

      The girl published a photo in the bride’s image on his page in Instagram. Equally significant was the signature of Kadono. “Little fiancée, I’m sorry that I had a dress fitting. Have been shooting. This Sunday just happens. The Council to you Yes love,” wrote the star. I must say that the words Liberi gave her fans on a very ambiguous thoughts. Some even suggested that she has again set out to take a solemn oath of love in the Registrar’s office. However, the planned fitting wedding dress may be just part of a new photoshoot Kadono.

      Либерж Кпадону намекнула на скорую свадьбу

      In recent months the ex-participant of “House-2” has hinted several times the followers that she has many new projects and interesting ideas. So, after leaving the popular reality show girl began to design clothes. She began to buy materials, organized a small workshop on tailoring of dresses and do a fashion collection. Clothing from Liberi is popular among her fans. In addition, Kadono already is the owner of the jewelry house that created her parents. Apparently, the family business is booming. Liberg often published in his microblog photos of jewelry that she sells. Every time the pictures cause a lot of words of encouragement to potential customers of the boutique. In General, we can say that Kadono – an enviable bride.

      Meanwhile, his novels about a girl not publicly covered, as well as keeps secret the names of loved ones. Recently former member of telestroyki hinted to fans that her heart is not free. For example, she consulted with them, what outfit to choose for a date. By the way, increasingly close to the girl featured in General pictures another former participant of “House-2” Serge Joseph Mungole. The pair often publishes joint photos that gives the followers to think about what’s between the stars of the TV show was a novel. The children themselves, this fact does not comment on, however, and do not deny.

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