Либерж Кпадону преследует привидение Eks-the participant “Houses-2” believes that this is due to her desire to create a family. Liberi Kadono face to face with mystery. The girl was vacationing out of town and wanted to spend the weekend alone, but now she is very scared and upset spoiled the weekend.

      Либерж Кпадону преследует привидение

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Liberi Kadono not so long ago decided to go with his friends on vacation out of town. Along with his friends she stayed in the manor, where he intended wonderful to spend a weekend. However, unexpected circumstances put soul in Liberi fear and panic. At that time, as the male part of the company went to the sauna, Kadono rose for dinner at a restaurant. The former participant of the reality show decided to share with your followers the beauty of the old HOMESTEAD and made a stream in the Periscope.

      The girl began to show a restaurant, and then went to the fireplace room, which was next door. In the twilight she could not find the light switch. Suddenly, the girl was terrified – on the phone screen she saw a silhouette.

      “I was in shock, started yelling loudly, hoping that his friends somewhere nearby and will be able to hear me. But the two friends started a joke and ironic that I saw a Ghost. But everyone stopped laughing when they saw the video footage,” – said “StarHit” Kadono.

      The girl appealed to the management of the estate to clarify the situation. But after much bickering they finally showed the footage of CCTV. When viewed frame were all in shock from the experience. Employees of the estate wanted to remove evidence, but Liberg had to remove your phone freeze-frame, which clearly shows the mysterious silhouette.

      “When I met with the owner, he said that earlier in this estate was the child’s home. And then they started to settle the girls who were preparing to become nuns. But like anything criminal occurred. However, those who work here a long time, having strange visions,” recalls Kadono.

      The girl learned that those in the dream came an unknown girl soon became mothers. Liberi suggests that the Ghost appeared in her way, because she wants to create a family. However, she notes that this is foreshadowing her more scared than happy.

      Liberg knows exactly what should be her ideal man, and ready for a new relationship. “To me, not that I’m afraid to approach, but even to call! I’m surprised – because I’m just a girl who tries to achieve success. And I’m only on the way to their goals. While I don’t have the wealth you dream about. I’m an ordinary girl with ambitious plans for the future. I want to see next to a person who has supported me,” said Kadono.

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