Либерж Кпадону закрутила роман с женатым мужчиной
Ex-member of the main telestroke country Liberi Kadono in his microblog often communicates with his subscribers and tells them about his personal life.

Либерж Кпадону закрутила роман с женатым мужчиной

Recently Liberi decided to share with their followers dilemma that she had to be. As it turned out, she had an affair with an unfree man and she started to call his wife.

“I wonder if the man concealed that they are married, and you started to communicate with him, but then you start to call his almost ex-wife and begging in hysterics and tears that you disappear from his life how to do”, asked advice from their fans to Kadono.

Liberg not know what to do, as the man very nicely courted her, and with his wife he was going to divorce her and filed the divorce papers.

I think that if the relationship of the spouses was already over, so the wife didn’t call and ask to leave alone her husband.

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