Liberi Kadono charmed by a married man

Либерж Кпадону очарована женатым мужчиной However, the former participant of “House-2” not allowed himself to get him away from the family. Liberi Kadono decided be confined to friendly communication. Now the celebrity is ready for a new relationship and even to the birth of heirs.

      Либерж Кпадону очарована женатым мужчиной

      Popular ex-participant of “House-2” Liberi Kadono in mid-June last year talked about the fact that she broke up with her husband Evegnee Rudnev, who built relationships through participation in the popular reality show. However, after the divorce with the once-beloved husband Liberi admitted that she now difficult to fall in love. But not so long ago she was fascinated by new friends, with whom, unfortunately, failed to build a relationship.

      “Recently at a friend’s birthday party I met a man who at times was able to impress me. He was not only pleasant in appearance but also a great conversationalist, hooked me wit, wisdom and prudence. However, he is married, and I in any case will not destroy the family, therefore, further companionship we didn’t go in,” said Liberi.

      However, the star of the reality show grateful about this meeting, because this friend caused her to once again believe in educated and gallant young men. Now she prefers to associate with older men and he admits he has now revised his opinion.

      “My circle of friends now consists of people who have at least two higher education. With them have something to talk about, and even has a lot to learn,” – shares his thoughts Kadono.

      Либерж Кпадону очарована женатым мужчиной

      Now a celebrity puts a lot of effort in the development of their own business. Besides the fact that she continues the family business – is engaged in the sale of jewelry, she intends to work in a new direction. Now Liberg wants to help everyone who wants to eat right, but who do not have enough time to cook for myself, and to organize the delivery of food.

      In addition to new business projects, star of the reality show thinks about starting a family. Though he admitted that popularity is very prevent her to establish their personal lives. She understands that media wife would really fit the man-ambitious, but at the same time is afraid to become just someone’s accessory. In order to prepare for a new relationship, she even came to the clinic.

      “I underwent a course of treatment, and found that all the problems due to nerves. Now my body has fully recovered, so I’m ready for a new relationship, family and even the birth of children,” she admitted Liberi in the magazine “the House-2”.

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