Liam Payne will pay a fine for his tardiness

Лиам Пейн заплатит штраф за свою медлительность

Of course, the name of the first child of Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole beara – the original, however due to the fact that his parents thought to call the child, they will have to pay a penalty of 200 pounds sterling.

As reported by the Western tabloids, child, born March 22, had to register at a certain date, but Liam and Cheryl took on meditation as much as 42 days, which is four days more than.
Recall that the British singer and the singer hid for a long time and their relationship and pregnancy, and even child. About how they called son, became known only last week.
“Cheryl and Liam wanted to get to know your child before you give him a name. They thought for a few weeks, until I finally came up with his name. Before the birth of the son they didn’t think about the name Bear, but now they are sure that it will fit perfectly” — said the insider. By the way, the couple had already discussed the details of the wedding ceremony and will soon formalize their relationship. Of course, secretly.