Liam Payne has criticized the music of Harry Stiles

Лиам Пейн раскритиковал музыку Гарри Стайлза

Former colleagues in the boy band One Direction are often criticized each other in interviews. Over the years a successful tour, no one knew what the lump of hostility lies between all members of the group, and now it becomes clear that the team was doomed from the very beginning. The other day Liam Payne has criticized the solo attempts of his former colleagues Harry styles in an interview with Music Choice.

In particular, not liking Liam Harry song “Sign of the Times”, included in his new album.
“I listened to the song Harry and to be honest, this is not my music. He was certainly well done, tries to make a solo career and everything, but it’s not the music that I could listen.
I think Stiles also wouldn’t listen to my music because he doesn’t like hip-hop. We are just too different and we have different musical tastes,” said Payne. But the music is another former colleague of Neil Horana came to Liam’s liking, maybe because that was and remains his friend.
Recall that Liam recently appeared new concerns – his girlfriend singer Cheryl Cole gave birth to a son beara.