Лиам Пейн нашел новую девушку после расставания с Шерил Коул

At the beginning of summer Liam Payne announced the breakup with British singer and the mother of the son of Cheryl Cole. Much time had passed before the artist found a replacement for the former love. Media erroneously attributed to an affair with 18-year-old daughter of a Texas millionaire by Maya Henry, in fact, Liam is interested in 20-year-old American model Cairo Dweck. Confirmed their love relationship, the singer and model behind the scenes, with the help of a paparazzi.

Лиам Пейн нашел новую девушку после расставания с Шерил Коул

Photographers captured the couple in a kissing embrace on a walk at lake Como in Italy. It can be argued that Liam arrived for his beloved, because she had appeared in town. She flew there with friends and settled in one of the hotels in Cernobbio. A few days hurried and Payne. They met and settled already in the Villa D’este in Cernobbio.

According to information obtained by the newspaper the Mirror, the boys met during a holiday on the Cote d’azur. Liam was fascinated by the girl when I saw her in the Medusa restaurant in Cannes. They met, and Paine proposed a model to go to a night club.

Just a few days after the announcement of the breakup with Cheryl, Paine was seen in the company of the heiress at the gala dinner of Dolce&Gabbana in Tremezzo. Then the couple went to relax on a yacht in Cannes. But the other day Liam and Maya spotted on a secret date in London. “Liam and Maya get along well — she’s an amazing girl,” says the insider edition of the Sun. However, sources assured that while romanticheskih relations between children no.

“They kissed a few times, but Liam is in no hurry to meet again and certainly not ready for a serious relationship. Now he’s focused on the job and the main priority for him is his son Bear”.

Recall that in the relations of 35-year-old Cheryl Cole and 24-year-old Liam Payne is not all right to know everything. The artist himself in one of his last interviews confirmed that relations with Cheryl he is not going smoothly. However, fans still believed that the stars manage to keep their relationship and the rumors will remain rumors. But there it was — the couple still broke up. The official statement of the stars themselves posted in their Twitter accounts.

“We are Cheryl and sad to say that we now have different paths. This was a difficult decision for us. We still love each other like family. Bear (son of the couple. — Approx. ed.) — this is our world, and we ask to respect his privacy while we’re trying to pass all together through this” — write the stars in social networks.