Лиам Нисон высказался об обвинениях в херассменте

Hollywood stars were divided into two camps. One half made their harassment, while the other compares the unfolding situation with the witch hunt. This part was joined by 65-year-old actor Liam Neeson.

Лиам Нисон высказался об обвинениях в херассменте

“There are famous people, which suddenly began to accuse of all sins: because inadvertently touched the woman knee, or something like that. And after such charges removed from their programs, cease cooperation with them. It’s like a witch hunt,” says the actor during an interview with Irish TV show The Late Late Show.

In the example of Neeson cited the case of American radio host Garrisona Kallara who was fired last year from the radio station of Minnesota Public Radio because of allegations of harassment.

“I put my hand on the back of a woman. I wanted to Pat her on the back as a sign of comfort, because she was telling me about his grief, but her shirt was open, and my hand moved accidentally. She recoiled, I pulled my hand away and apologized. After I again apologized to it — in writing. She said she was okay and she forgave me. We continued to chat amiably, all was well. Until I got a call from her lawyer.” the incident, Garrison.

Neeson believes that the situation is out of control. He doesn’t understand, how is it that every second in Hollywood are accused of crimes. Recently, allegations were made that Dustin Hoffman, in which his behavior is called “vile and unacceptable”. Liam thinks it was “just a stupid prank”.

In their arguments, the actor is not alone. Recently one hundred famous French women, led by actress Catherine Deneuve has written an open letter in which he said that “abusing women” is quite natural and is an integral part of freedom of action. “Rape is a crime. But persistent or tactless advances — no. In light of the things Weinstein was due to legitimate attention to the problem of sexual harassment. Needed it. However, this freedom of speech today leads to the opposite: forcing us to speak as necessary, is intended to silence those who disagree,” the letter reads. This is not the first time Deneuve expresses his disagreement to the entire situation with Weinstein. Last fall, she condemned those who fell on the producer’s allegations and launched the social media campaign #balancetonporc, which literally translates as “show your pig.”