Лиам Нисон появился с сэндвич-шопе, собственники которого обещали покормить его бесплатно

On a freebie and vinegar sweet, what to say about the sandwiches! Hollywood actor Liam Neeson visited the sandwich shop in Vancouver, Canada, on portable advertising which it was noticed that he have them for free.

According to the publication The Huffington Post, Matt Prim, Manager of the institution Big Star Sandwich Co., whose favorite actor is Liam Neeson, I found out that the artist will come to that region to shoot the film “Hard Powder”.
He even came up with the idea to write about Liam in advertising their sandwiches. Imagine his surprise when the door of the diner opened and it included a 64-year-old artist with a question: “so where is my free sandwich?”..
He ate his sandwich and happily took pictures with the visitors and employees of restaurant. After Neeson himself posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Dammit, it works!”