Лиам Хемсворт закрутил новый роман, находясь еще в браке

Лиам Хемсворт закрутил новый роман, находясь еще в браке

Liam Hemsworth, which this year was 29 years old, at the moment, is still officially married to Miley Cyrus. Their divorce is still being completed. But this fact does not bother the young man, the other day the paparazzi managed to capture it in company with a young girl.

Liam shied away from the pictures, but instead were allowed to take pictures of himself and his new girlfriend from all angles. The new darling of the young man was an aspiring actress Maddison brown. Paparazzi were able to catch when the couple strolled along the evening streets of new York.

Лиам Хемсворт закрутил новый роман, находясь еще в браке

Beloved walked slowly through the city streets over the handle periodically with kisses and hugs. By the way, when they noticed the photographers, not embarrassed, but rather tried to make beautiful photographs. Then, accompanied by the paparazzi, they also slowly went into the restaurant, which quietly had dinner, came out and continued romantic evening. Photographers accompanied the couple throughout time.

Fans this news stirred up, they began to actively discuss pictures online, and came to the same conclusion: the new girl is very similar to Miley.

Some publications are of the opinion that Liam is specially played to the camera, to evoke emotion from Miley. Not only that, their divorce lasts a long time and not everything runs smoothly, so Cyrus still makes you nervous of Liam because of his novels.

Miley too sharply his relationship with Cody Simpson, and daily via social networks confesses her love for him, tells the world about the songs that devotes her favorite. Also, she admitted that the beloved could quickly put her back on her feet after a serious operation. All of these stories, of course, cling to Liam Hemsworth. Especially that Miley has behaved towards him is unfair. Recall that in August 2019 Cyrus suddenly left her husband, and even explained to him the reason why she filed for divorce. Their marriage had power less than a year.

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