Лиам Хэмсворт расставание с Майли Сайрус

Famous Hollywood Australian actor Liam Hemsworth for the first time commented on the breakup with his wife Miley Cyrus. Obviously, his words were a reaction to pictures of Miley vacation in Italy, where she’s making out with his girlfriend.

Лиам Хэмсворт расставание с Майли Сайрус

Only recently, the world was excited about the news that the sweet couple Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus broke up, the fans already see the singer in the other’s arms, and not someone else, and her longtime girlfriend kaitlyn Carter. Moreover, girls and even kiss!

Ten years and seven months of marriage — is Miley so easily it’s all forgotten? Probably, these thoughts swarming in my head Liam. Himself an actor after a breakup “went underground” in the Australian house of his older brother Chris Hemsworth, widely known to the public role of Thor in “the Avengers”. The press noticed Liam today, August 12, when he, along with brother’s family went out to eat frozen yogurt at the beach café. For myself, the actor chose a secluded spot near the wall.

Лиам Хэмсворт расставание с Майли Сайрус

Pictures of how Liam’s going through a breakup, was published by Daily Mail Australia. They are seen as the actor walks on Byron Bay (Australia). It should be noted that these photos of Hemsworth pensive and visibly dejected. Still, after all, according to Western media, the reason for the visit to my brother was the news about the kiss Miley with his girlfriend kaitlyn Carter.

Лиам Хэмсворт расставание с Майли Сайрус

We will remind, after a tough breakup with Liam and Miley went on holiday to Italy with his girlfriend blogersha Caitlin Carter. Girls openly published pictures in bikinis a ride on a yacht in his Instagram. Decided not to show the public they are only one – their kisses, but they managed to capture the paparazzi.

I should add that Caitlin and myself have recently went through a breakup with her husband Brody Jenner – brother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Yet Liam Hemsworth not ready to reveal the details of their breakup with Miley to talk about their feelings.

-You don’t understand what it’s like. I don’t want to talk about it, commented to Daily Mail Australia Hemsworth.

Recall, the main reason for the separation of the pair representative Cyrus called “the desire to focus on a career and themselves.” However, the former lovers are still planning together to care for their Pets that survived the fire of their home in Malibu.

The relationship of Liam and Miley began ten years ago, in July of this year, they even celebrated the anniversary. During this time the couple had already broke up twice and was twice engaged. To marry celebrity decided only in December 2018. On the ceremony, knew only the closest.

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