Лиам Хемсворт о помолвке с Майли Сайрус: «Это было взвешенное решение»

Now Liam Hemsworth, Australian actor and star of the trilogy “the Hunger games” is not too talkative when it comes to his relationship with American singer Miley Cyrus, but about their relationship in the past, he says more readily. In a recent interview with UsWeekly, the actor said that his proposal of marriage, made Miley in 2012, was timely and very deliberate, and not a pulse as some people think.

Recall that at the time of the engagement, Liam was only 22 years old, but even then he had Miley very serious types. Pair really broke off the engagement in September 2013, Cyrus even tried a new relationship with the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger Patrick, but in the end realized that someone like Hemsworth, she is not found anywhere else.
“I don’t think it was an impulse. It was well balanced and deliberate decision,” recalls Liam his first engagement with the singer.
But the Australian edition of GQ Australia, he in the same tone talked about the current situation in their relationship.
“I decided to do what makes me happy. I believe that this approach is correct and do not care what other people think about it,” said Liam and he added that the separation from the beloved was not easy for him.
“Of course, it wasn’t easy. But at that moment it was a very different direction, and so probably had to happen. We were both too young, and at that time each of us needed freedom,” said Hemsworth. But the status in which the lovers are now, Liam chose to remain silent. Miley herself called the rumors about a new engagement, appearing in public with an engagement ring that she gave Hemsworth. The fans decided that the couple resumed the wedding plans, and insiders partially confirmed this information, although the lovers ignore questions about their relationship. Happiness love peace.

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