Leva Bi-2 celebrated its anniversary twice

Лева Би-2 отметил свой юбилей дважды
The musician came to congratulate their favorite group of children from Germany, Alphaville.

Лева Би-2 отметил свой юбилей дважды

Photo: Igor Vereshchagin

Lev stretched out his 45-year anniversary for two days. First, the group Bi-2 gave a solo concert in club “16 Tons” — and to congratulate their favorite artist came everyone. And in the second day of the celebration, the musicians organized a chamber party, that is, for their own.

Photo: Igor Vereshchagin

About how passed birthday
a circle of friends for levs of the people, 7days said a longtime friend
musician known photographer Igor Vereshchagin.

“In the beginning
evening for the birthday child and guests addressed the Symphony orchestra of the Ministry of interior, which
the Bi-2 band played one concert. The culmination of the festive evening was
a gift from Levina wife of ASI Streicher and Shura Bi-2, which, in addition to them,
no one knew, because his surprise they held in the strictest confidence. In the middle of the night unexpectedly
all was quiet music, Léo was blindfolded and took him into the middle of the room. Here
came a familiar tune — the song “Forever Young” by German synth-pop
team Alphaville — favorite band of the celebrant from childhood. Leva
tore it off, and fell to his knees with happiness. They adored musicians played in his
after the complete set — said Vereshchagin. At this
the surprises did not end there. Asya and Alex prepared a scrapbook of photos
where, by the way, I included some pictures I took with the band
Bi-2 and private meetings with the musician. The album was released in an edition of 250
copies and immediately became a rarity: the guests signed it at the Lev and other characters