Lev Prygunov underwent emergency surgery

Лев Прыгунов перенес экстренную операцию Journalists report that the people’s artist of Russia were hospitalized. According to information that appeared today in the press, the Springboks now recovering after surgery doctors. Health the Soviet James bond is greatly improved.

      Лев Прыгунов перенес экстренную операцию

      Today in a press there was an information that the 77-year-old actor Lev Prygunov unwell and he was urgently hospitalized in Moscow. According to journalists, the incident with the artist has been associated with complications, which appeared to him as a result of long-standing disease. What happened to Prygunova, is still unknown. The state Lion G. demanded the immediate intervention of medical professionals. Media representatives claim that the doctors had to urgently operate on Prygunov.

      Lev Prygunov – people’s artist of Russia, father of the Director of the films “soulless” and “Indigo” by Roman Prygunov. In all his career he played many of the security personnel, for which Prygunov is often called the James bond of the Soviet Union. Some of the most well-known roles of Leo G. is Vitaly, the main character “the Heart of Bonivura” directed by Mark Orlov, the “Frenchman” from the “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya” Alexander Fajncimmer, inspector Mykola Gurov in “Shot in the back” of Vladimir Chebotarev.

      Лев Прыгунов перенес экстренную операцию

      The latest work Prygunov – the tailor’s role in the TV series channel STS “Londongrad”, which went to the actual events in the life of the rap artist Oxymoron. Thus the young generation also managed to get acquainted with the work of the famous artist.

      It should be noted that the Jumpers are known not only for his acting activities. Leo G. is also actively involved in charity work and paint. According to the artist, the painting feeds people with energy. It is also known that the Jumpers supports various funds and their inititive. For example, two years ago he spoke in Lipetsk, to help the construction of local rehabilitation camp for children with cancer. In interviews, the actor said that in order for something to change, everyone needs to take the initiative to the benefit of society.

      Now Lev Prygunov recovering from surgery. For an actor watches the doctors reports Life.ru. It is unknown whether hospitalization is in the future plans of the artist. So, in late October and early November held a charity festival “Radiant angel”, the expert Commission which included Jumpers. Besides him, the jury also includes film Director Yuri Kara, producer Elena Glikman and cameraman Vyacheslav Sachkov.